Kodex Serenity Chair

Sale price £84.99 Regular price £119.99

A luxurious carp chair, built so that you can enjoy the serenity of your surroundings in maximum comfort while you wait for a bite. You simply won't find a better designed or more comfortable chair at such an incredible price, with so many great features incorporated as standard. Further features to those listed below include a concealed pocket at the back for storing a bivvy/rigs tray. The Serenity really is the ultimate relaxation chair, making long sessions even more enjoyable.

Fully adjustable legs from 38cm to a high 56cm height
Deep luxurious padding
Peach-Skin deep head support
Concealed bivvy tray pocket
Overall lightweight (6.5kg)
Large multi swivel mud feet
Adjustable high 62cm back support
Good lumber support
Sturdy wide arm supports
Subtle green shade cloths

  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Width: 53cm
  • Length: 70cm
  • Weight capacity: 22 stone