Kodex Serenity 36" & 42" Landing Nets

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Serenity nets from Kodex offer incredible quality at an amazing price. Available in 36" and 42", these nets have a lightweight yet sturdy design and they glide effortlessly to your quarry with their soft anti-hangup fish-friendly mesh. They have deep mesh netting to swallow up fish on the catch. Further features include; strong polymer angled cord guides to reduce weight, strong 12mm arms with over-sleeve for easy assembly, seven stitch cloth rim and a subtle natural green anti-spook finish. Kodex have really put a lot of effort into designing these Serenity nets and they have even created their own totally unique spreader block - it's an independent glass-filled lightweight polymer spreader with a brass thread, purpose built to offer immense strength yet still retain an overall lightweight feel, even if you're landing with a longer 2.3m pole and a large 42" net! This unique spreader also has a slot on both sides to accommodate one of the Kodex mini isotopes/betalights, which are available separately in a range of colours. These nets are part of a range of products under the 'Serenity' banner from Kodex and they come complete in a cloth storage sleeve. 

(36" span = 32" depth)

(42" span = 39" depth)