Kodex QX-i Twin Tip Barbel Rod 12ft

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Labelled as a twin-tip rod, really the QX-i offers a triple tip system. Use the non-spliced fixed tip to handle the largest of feeders (6oz), or put on the quiver-carrier tip and the supplied lighter quiver (2oz) or the supplied heavier quiver (4oz). Its aesthetics nicely tie in with the custom-built look of Kodexs KX-i carp rods. The QX-i is essentially a 21st century spin on the hugely successful Avon style twin tip barbel rod of days gone by, with a progressive through action, but plenty of power in the mid-section, enabling you to really feel and play the barbel rather than just hauling it in. Its the ideal blend of flexibility and power. Built from full modular carbon, with a main line recommendation of 15lb and hook length of 12lb, you can rest assured this rod will handle things even if you do happen to hit into that 'fish of a lifetime'. The cork handle is purposefully as long as an abbreviated handle on carp rods, to help with the cast and when playing the fish. Further features include lightweight S.C. guides, gunsmoke reel seat and, for a final cosmetic touch, the Kodex emblem is laser-etched into the end.