JRC X-Lite Rod Bloxx

Regular price £7.99

  • 3D CAD designed and engineered in the UK
  • Square base with isotope slot
  • Adjustable hinging parts to control grip level
  • Adjustment grip level with Allen key
  • Changeable inlays in 3 sizes
  • Bloxx Medium can hold 14,15,16 mm carp rods
  • Bloxx Large can hold 17,18,19 mm carp rods
  • Industry first adjustable rod rest for 100% grip
  • Perfect rod grip for conventional up to extreme snag fishing
  • The most powerful rod rest ever designed
  • Industry first adjustable rod rest, mega tight grip due to the adjustable hinging parts, but easy release of the rod when striking. This rod rest offers incredible rod safety even when extreme snag fishing.

Available in single or a set of 3 in both Medium and Large with BLACK inserts.

Coloured inserts are available so you can match them to your bite indicators if you wish