Hinders Nut 365 Boilies & Glug

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Hinders Nut 365 Stabilised Readymade Boilies are available in 12mm & 15mm. The response from our fieldtesters has been incredible with many claiming new pb's on a range of different waters. We firmly believe this bait to be the complete Nut Bait for every day of the year.
Stabilised Boilies offer the same nutritional profile as a frozen bait except of course it's not dependant on being stored in a freezer, meaning you can take the bait anywhere!! Another bonus which is a definitive edge is that you don't have to dry the boilies for hours on end, thus meaning you can produce a very soft bait. Soft baits allow water penetration faster making the boilie more attractive and therefore much more productive when getting bites.
The biggest UK fish to date that we know about on the Nut365 bait has been the "Big Common" of just over 44lb from Linear Fisheries as well as a wonderful mirror carp of just under 40lb from Dinton. We have also had reports of huge numbers of thirties and it has been exciting reading these catch reports with many people smashing their PBs, plus we've received several catch reports from anglers using the bait abroad with a number of fish to over 50lb.
PVA Friendly Glug in a 125ml wide neck bottle