Hinders Choc Tiger Nuts With A Hint Of Mint

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Hinders PVA Friendly Choc Mint Chopped Tiger Nuts.

To enhance the use of your chosen hookbait we have produced the ultimate tiger nut experience. Naturally stabilised chopped tiger nuts in a potent blend of a number of chocolates, a subtle sweetener and a hint of mint. These are perfect for use in either solid or stocking PVA bags, and produce an alluring and attractive plume that carries easily through the water column. What fish could resist these crunchy choc morsels! 

  • 550g
  • PVA Friendly
  • Features a free scoop so you can easily load your PVA
  • Can be used in conjunction with our Choc Mint Tiger Nut Hookbaits 
  • These baits will create an incredible chocolate plume in the water column
  • Add extra attraction with our Choc Mint Booster Spray