Hinders Choc Mint Booster Spray 50ml

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Choc Mint Booster Liquid is a new additions to our Tiger Nut Hookbait Range and really pack a punch with the mouth watering Chocolate Aroma with a hint of mint.

The booster liquid can be added to your Tiger Nut Hookbaits or PVA Friendly Chopped Tiger Nuts and will leak off an incredible amount of attraction creating a chocolate plume in the water column and surrounding area - taking the choc mint straight to the fish. They are perfect for fishing in any conditions and proved successful even when fishing during the cold winter months when bites are hard to come by.  Use the Choc Mint Spray to give an even greater boost to the hookbaits or try spraying your foam when balancing out the Nuts.

  • 50ml
  • PVA Friendly
  • Great when used with our Choc Mint Tigers Nuts
  • This booster liquid will create an incredible chocolate plume in the water column