Guru 4" QM1 Method Hair Rigs With Speed Stops

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QM1 ready-tied rigs take one of the most effective hook patterns on the market and package them into perfectly presented rigs. Along with the speed stop bait attachment, these are big time savers.

Quick & Convenient

At 4 inches long, these rigs are perfect for method, hybrid and pellet feeders. Because they’re already tied, you’ll save a lot of time at the swim. Not only that, but the Speed Stop bait attachment allows for quicker baiting with soft baits, such as luncheon meat, corn, worms and boilies.

Supplied with QM1 Hooks

These rigs feature the radical QM1 hook. This pattern provides the most secure hook holds possible, thanks to the sharp, beaked point. Some of the very best specimen hunters use QM1 hooks because the unique, heavily swept shape and short shank are perfect for hair rigging baits on bolt presentations.