Gardner Covert Supa Shrink Tube

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An excellent way of enhancing rigs by extending and curving hook shanks, this top quality, tough shrink tube, when heated, will shrink down to a third of its original diameter. Perfect for Line-Aligner rigs and sliding hook shank sleeves which extend and turn the hook shank and cover bulky knots has brought a new level of tidiness and maximised the hooking efficiency of many anglers’ rigs. If you are making your own rigs or experimenting with new ideas, this tubing will help you get the results you are after.

  • High performance – consistent 3:1 shrink ratio means the tube ‘grips’ hooks and other terminal tackle firmly.
  • Ultra smooth compound is easier to slide over hook eyes and shanks, yet when steamed it reduces down to a flush finish for the neatest possible presentation.
  • Semi-stiff when steamed and once angled or curved it will retain its shape as required whilst fishing.
  • For best results heat by steaming or immersing in hot water. Always take care not to burn or scald yourself.
  • Ideal for experimenting with different shapes and lengths of hook shank extensions and fine tuning rigs.
  • Strong and durable to withstand all the rigours of carp and specimen angling without splitting or distorting.
  • 8 x 3″ (7.5cm) lengths per pack.
  • Small=1.5mm/0.5mm
  • Low-viz camo colours available in Dark Grey & Mixed Camo to match any lake bed.