Crafty Catcher Liquid Additives

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Early bait research at Crafty Catcher proved that liquid attractants massively improve the chances of catching carp.

Water soluble liquid foods like CSL, Molasses and MInamino were added directly into our boilie mixes or used to soak baits which then leak a powerful food signal into the baited area.

These liquids have been at the core of our bait production for 30 years and are all exceptional fish attractors in their own right and will give a real edge to the modern day angler.

PVA friendly and versatile, these liquids are perfect for boosting boilies, pellets, particles, sticks and groundbaits and brilliant for customising boilie mixes and glugging hookbaits.

Available In:

CSL (Corn Steep Liquor) 250ml

Blended Fish Oil 250ml

Chilli Oil 250ml

Hemp Oil 250ml

Krill Liquid Concentrate 250ml

Belachan Liquid Shrimp 250ml

Salmon Extract 250ml

Tiger Nut Extract 500ml