Bait-Tech Liquid Additives

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Bait-Tech’s range of liquids have long been winners, whether used as dips, glugs, in spod mixes, for soaking or in groundbait, these liquids provide something for everyone and are excellent fish attractors as they are packed with flavour.

Recent additions are:

    • Liquid Sizzling Spicy Sausage – this has a strong sausage aroma that barbel and chub love! PVA-friendly and can be used in stick mixes and PVA bags.
    • Liquid Krill & Tuna – a water-based liquid with a pungent smell to boost your groundbaits, spod mixes or soak your pellets.
  • Bait-Tech bottle liquids are 250ml and come in the following flavours:

      • Sweet Coconut – PVA-friendly
      • Sweet Strawberry
      • Pellet – PVA-friendly
      • Green Lipped Mussel
      • Brasem
      • Predator Plus
      • Scopex
      • Sweet Liquid Molasses – PVA- friendly
      • Liquid Tutti-Frutti
      • Liquid Corn
      • Liquid Worm
      • Liquid Sizzling Spicy Sausage – PVA- friendly
      • Liquid Krill & Tuna

PLEASE NOTE: We are clearing through similar liquid products, as those products sell through we will increase the Bait-Tech range to stock all the flavours all the time.

Please search the relevant flavours to see what we currently have.