Catmaster 200lb RT Braided Rubbing Leader

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 These rubbing leaders are hand built by CatMaster Tackle.

200lb RT braid rubbing leaders have been designed to tackle most UK venues

The braided RT rubbing leaders are 2.5mtrs long and consists of CMT 150lb swivel at one end which has been tied with a Palomar knot and a figure of 8 loop at the other end also comes with a 12mm rubber bead this acts as a stop against the swivel end for a running lead ,to attach your chosen trace you can either tie direct to the swivel or loop over ,to attach your main line you can either loop to loop or cut the loop of the RT rubbing leader and tie a grinner to grinner knot.

These new leaders are recommended to use if fishing in areas of snags, mussel beds, rocks, drop offs or anywhere there is danger of abrasions damaging your mainline.

Olive Green Colour